dotCoop Sitemap

Here is an overview of the pages available on this website

  • About Us
    Information about dotCoop and its history
  • Agreements
    A list of documents regarding rules governing the registration of .coop names
  • Become a Registrar
    If you are an ICANN accredited registrar that would like to work with cooperatives and cooperative organizations to provide them with their .coop domains, here are the details on how to become a dotCoop registrar
  • Contact Us
    Contact details for dotCoop staff
  • dotCoop News
    News and Information from dotCoop, the .coop TLD sponsor.
  • Downloads
    A list of all the documents that you can download from the dotCoop website.
  • Eligibility
    Registrants of .coop domains must meet certain eligibility criteria. Review this information and contact us if you have any questions.
  • FAQs
    Frequently Asked Questions related to the .coop domain. Please visit your registrar site for more information.
  • How to use it
    Some tips on how you can use your .coop name; basically, just like any other domain!
  • Links
    Link your site to dotCoop with these banners and images.
  • Newsletter Signup
    Sign up to receive our eNewsletter
  • Newsletters
    An archive of the eNewsletters published by dotCoop
  • RegistrarInfo
    Information on how to become a .coop Registrar and be able to sell .coop domains.
  • Registrars
    A list of all the authorised .coop registrars including information about their special offers and a link to their site.
    To check whether or not your preferred domain name is available and if it is not, who has already registered it, run a 'WHOIS' search against our database and the results will be displayed below.
  • Why
    The reasons why you should register and use a .coop name for your cooperative or cooperative organization.