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27 October 2010

Start your 2012 International Year of Cooperatives Celebration

Start your celebration of the UN International Year of Cooperatives by getting a special "2012" .coop name!

dotCoop will be offering any domain name that contains "2012" in the name for three years at one low price. That way if you want to start promoting your "2012" activities now, you will have the .coop domain name you want right from the start. You won't even have to remember to renew it because it will be yours for the next 3 years.

The following registrars will offer these special .coop domains beginning on 1 November 2010 - contact them to find out how to get your special price.

Check on www.coop for any updates on the program and go to these great registrars starting on 1 November and get your name now! Contact us with any questions of course

2010 Survey Deadline on 31 October

dotCoop has been emailing surveys throughout 2010 for those who have registered new domains and renewed existing domains. We have even reached out to those that have stopped using a .coop domain.

For those renewing .coop domains, we have been offering a free year of renewal for one lucky co-op that has responded to our survey during the year. In order to make that prize available for a renewal in 2011, we will be selecting a winner from those who respond to the renewal survey by 31 October 2010 and indicated their interest in the contest. Those that respond after October 31 will be eligible for next year's contest.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. We'll be providing a summary of the survey responses in the next eNewsletter. And get those last minute surveys in today!

Ten Years of .Coop

The .coop domain was first envisioned in mid-2000 when the National Cooperative Business Association was alerted that ICANN would be adding new top-level domains (like .com and .net) for the Internet.

NCBA immediately understood the benefit of securing the support of the global cooperative community inthe effort to secure an internet space for cooperatives. NCBA worked with the International Co-operative Alliance and other co-ops and co-op organizations around the world during the proposal phase for what ended up being the .coop domain.

Letters of support came in from a variety of supporters that provided ICANN and the internet community a startling view of the reach of cooperatives around the world. This support confirmed that co-ops were part of what has been called a "natural" community on the internet.

NCBA - and the global cooperative community - was awarded the .coop domain in late 2000. NCBA and the ICA worked closely with the .coop technical partner (Poptel, a worker cooperative from the UK whose investment was taken on by the Midcounties Co-operative Society Ltd in 2005) to ensure a successful launch.

dotCoop was created as an NCBA subsidiary to manage the .coop domain including the critical verification processes.

In late 2001, the contract with ICANN was signed and was quickly followed with an agreement signed with the ICA in Rochdale, England. It was an historic moment for cooperatives and only appropriate that it took place at the home of the modern cooperative movement.

On January 30, 2002, .coop was activated on the Internet "root" and .coop became a reality for cooperatives. Registrar services were added in October 2002 and currently dotCoop has 13 registrars that offer a variety of services besides .coop domains.

DotCoop continues to provide new services to .coop name holders such as the .Coop Directory, a map-based directory of .coop users and the sponsorship of the dotCoop Global Awards for Cooperative Excellence that were first awarded in 2009.

Looking back, the three organizations that worked to create the .coop domain saw the potential of .coop to bring cooperatives around the world together through the Internet. The vision of NCBA, Poptel/Midcounties and the ICA continues to benefit the global cooperative community today.

See what they are doing today for cooperatives:

Make a New Year's Resolution for 2011

On 1 January 2001, the dotCoop Global Awards for Cooperative Excellence will begin accepting entries on the www.globalawards.coop website.

These awards were created by dotCoop to recognize the application of cooperative values and principles to drive cooperative and business success. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how your co-op is using cooperative principles to positively impact your business and community.

Be sure to sign up for alerts so you can get more information as it is provided. The site currently provides information about our 2009 winners and judges.

Winners will be announced at the ICA General Assembly in Cancun, Mexico in November 2011. What a great way to kick off your celebration of the UN International Year of Cooperatives.

Secura Offers Free Web Hosting for Co-ops from Emerging Economies

Secura is accredited by ICANN for all generic Top Level Domains and country domains and was one of the first .coop registrars accredited by DotCoop and ICANN. When domainnamebuyers.com was still independent, it listed Secura as among the best registrars of the world.

Secura sells to resellers, but also to private customers, who visit Secura's website at http://www.domainregistry.de (German) or http://www.com-domain.com (English). Basic information is also available in other languages - from Hungarian to Chinese. Secura also provides support in many different languages. Customers can easily pay by credit card but other payment methods are available. Secura publishes a Domains Blog in order to inform users about new developments in the domain business.

.Coop is part of Secura's business plan. But it is not just business. CEO Hans-Peter Oswald explains that "We are committed to the democratic idea of cooperatives. Customers understand very well if you just do something for profit or if there exist at the company's profile also an idea beyond profit like a commitment to the community."

Secura has standard prices for .coop domains for all customers, but offers .coop registrants from South America, Africa, and Asia free web hosting if they register or transfer their .coop domain to Secura.

One of the primary reasons that Secura thinks that .coop domains are a great deal for their cooperative customers is the value it provides with Search Engine rankings. Many people are searching for a generic

term in the Internet rather than for your company's name. Search engines like Google rank your listing higher if a keyword from a search is in your domain name. You can get these names with .coop when they are not available in .com or other legacy domains.

Secura staff encourages cooperatives and cooperative organizations to think about the name they choose to make sure they maximize their positioning on Search Engine result lists.

If you want their help in picking the right .coop name or simply want to get your .coop domain, contact Secura with any questions.

New www.coop Site Launched

DotCoop is pleased to announce a totally new www.coop site.

Although the site was released in mid-August, refinements and updates continue as we work to make the information available to more cooperatives around the world. A great new feature is adding the Google translator so that visitors can get all of the information in their native language.

The primary focus of the site is to make it easy for co-ops to be able to select and register their .coop domains. By adding a simple 1 - 2 - 3 graphic, the site now steps you through the critical questions - Are you eligible for a .coop domain? - What name do you want? - Where do you register your name?

We've added a new Focus area where we highlight .coop services such as our new 2012 offer and the .Coop Directory. Look for new profiles about innovative co-ops and their work in support of co-ops and their community.

The new site also puts everything you need right on the homepage like links to sign up for our Twitter feed, Facebook and also our RSS feed for important announcements.

So come and visit - and click!

In Their Own Words. . .


En VíaCoop estamos interesados en distintas formas de producción sustentable: agrícola, animal, recolección

silvestre y pesca. Nuestra gama incluye también medicina holística y natural, así como productos de uso diario biodegradables y reciclables y basados en energías limpias.


Welcome to abcul.coop, the top information and news site about credit unions in England, Scotland and Wales, and the home site of the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd.

ABCUL is the main trade association for credit unions in Britain. We provide a wide range of services to our members including information, representation and training


WOOPA est un bâtiment à énergie positive et « carbone zéro », d'une surface totale de 11.000 m2 qui accueillera des entreprises et des commerces issus de la finance éthique. Il est complété par un projet de 94 logements sociaux à basse consommation d'énergie, représentant ainsi un ensemble immobilier d'une surface totale de 20.000 m2.

Au delà de la performance énergétique et technologique, WOOPA sera un véritable laboratoire de vie et d'expérimentation, prolongement du fonctionnement coopératif des entreprises à l'origine du projet. WOOPA se veut donc être à la fois la vitrine du savoir-faire technique de ses concepteurs, ainsi que celle de l'esprit coopératif, plus respectueux des individus dans l'entreprise.

Special Offer Still Available from Select Registrars

Just a reminder that new .coop registrants can get their first domain at no charge for the first year. Some registrars are also offering discounts on the first renewal. Tell the other co-ops in your community and check with us about participating registrars.

Contact us at support@nic.coop for a list of participating Registrars.