Am I eligible?

Are you:

  • an organization formed as and/or considered cooperatives under applicable local law;
  • an association comprised of cooperatives;
  • an organization that is committed to the seven cooperative principles;
  • an organization that is majority controlled by cooperatives; or
  • an entity whose operations are principally dedicated to serving cooperatives.

Then you are eligible for a .coop domain!

You may also apply directly to dotCoop if you can present evidence that the use of a .coop domain by yourself or the entity applying for the domain would advance the interests of cooperatives or assist in the development of cooperatives globally. 

The exact criteria eligibility criteria are included in the .coop Sponsored TLD Agreement.

I'm still not sure I am eligible.

DotCoop will review your eligibility at no charge to ensure your eligibility for a .coop domain prior to registration. Please contact us if you would like us to confirm your eligibility.

Can we get a .coop domain if we are just starting a co-op?

Co-ops in the process of formation may purchase a .coop domain. dotCoop will periodically review your eligibility status under the Verification Policy.   Based on the registration agreement, DotCoop can revoke your domain registration if the registrant organization is not eligible under the standard criteria once your organization is in operation.

Are there any restrictions on the name I can register?

Cooperatives can register any domain name available on a first-come-first-served basis. However, all .coop domains are subject to the UDRP which deals with trademark and other use infringements.

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