Become a .coop registrar

If you are an ICANN accredited registrar that would like to work with cooperatives and cooperative organizations to provide them with their .coop domains, we would welcome you as a .coop registrar! 

Follow the steps below to complete the process and start registering your customer's .coop domains as quickly as possible.

Please contact us at or +1-202-383-5453 if you have any questions.  We are very interested in  your suggestions on how to make the process easier.

Step 1 - Review Materials

Before completing the .Coop Registrar Application, please review the following documents for background information on dotCoop and the cooperative sector as well as to ensure your ability to meet the requirements of the operational testing.

Step 2 - Apply

Ready to be a .coop Registrar? Complete these required forms and email us a scanned copy or post an original hardcopy. We'll call you with any questions once we receive the documents.

Step 3 - Acceptance for Certification Testing

DotCoop will review the forms that you have submitted. If your application is not accepted, then dotCoop will contact you and provide you the opportunity to provide additional information.

If you are accepted for Certification Testing, you will need to mail three (3) original, signed copies of the NDA Agreement to dotCoop. One fully executed copy will be returned to you.  Simultaneously, dotCoop will send you access and support information for the .coop Registrar OT&E Certification process.

Step 4 - Certification Testing

dotCoop's Registry Operator staff will work with you closely to help you complete the OT&E Certification process as quickly as possible.

When you have successfully completed the process, you will need to update the .coop TLD Registrar Accreditation Agreement with your contact information and forward three (3) signed copies to dotCoop.  In addition, you must add funds to your .coop Deposit Account as identified on your Credit Information Form.  You will also be asked to provide information to be added to the registrar list on and provide information to be used in an announcement to .coop registrants through our eNewsletter.

Step 5 - Register .coop Domains!

Once dotCoop receives the signed .coop TLD RAA and the funds are added to your Deposit Account, you will be provided with login information to the .coop TLD production servers and the  Registrar Area where you can access your online statement of account and other materials to support your .coop marketing efforts.

That's it!  Now you can register .coop domains!