Agreements & Policies

There are a number of agreements and policies that govern the use of a .coop domain. 

Below is a list of the documents that are you may want to review prior to registration of your .coop domain.


Hyperlink.Coop Sponsorship TLD Agreement
Our agreement with ICANN that contains our eligibility criteria and other requirements for the management of the .coop Top Level Domain by dotCoop.
pdfRegistration agreement
Contains the terms of use of for registrants of a .coop domain. These are included or referenced as part of your agreement with a .coop registrar.
Last updated : 1/3/2014
pdfZone File Access Agreement
This agreement is the standard agreement required by ICANN to be able to access the .coop zone file.
Last updated : 7/1/2007


pdfAGP (Add Grace Period) Limits Policy
Add Grace Period Limits Policy
Last updated : 4/1/2009
pdfBulk Registration Offer Policy
Addresses special pricing for bulk registrations of .coop domains
Last updated : 4/15/2008
pdfDispute policy
Provides the process for handling disputes over the registration of .coop domains based on trademark, eligibility and other issues
Last updated : 8/20/2007
pdfDomain Name Category Policy
Addresses reservation of certain categories of .coop domain names.
Last updated : 4/15/2008
pdfPrivacy Policy
Provides information on how dotCoop controls access to your registration information and provides information to you.
Last updated : 3/28/2012
pdfThird-Level Domain Policy
The policy that describes how 3rd Level Domains can be managed by agreement within the .coop gTLD.
Last updated : 2/11/2011
pdfTransfer Policy
Provides rules as adapted for .coop for the transfer of domain names between registrars.
Last updated : 11/12/2004
pdfTransfers - Supplemental Policy for Disputes
Provides rules as adapted for .coop for the transfer of domain names between registrars.
Last updated : 2/7/2005
pdfVerification Policy
Provides a description of the process used by dotCoop for the verification of eligibility of .coop registrants and related dispute mechanisms.
Last updated : 6/29/2015

Other Documents

pdfApplication Process for One-Two Character Domain Names
Includes the process and form that need to be submitted to dotCoop to request a one or two character domain name if it is available.
Last updated : 1/19/2010