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About .coop

Since 2002, .coop has been the way to locate and identify cooperatives on the Internet. 

.Coop is the only domain that is reserved for cooperatives and cooperative organizations that are guided by cooperative values and principles as defined in the Cooperative Principles of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), such as member ownership and control.

DotCooperation LLC (dotCoop), the sponsor of the .coop domain, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) and defines and implements eligibility and verification policies for use of the exclusive cooperative domain.  Midcounties Cooperative Domains Ltd (MCD), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Midcounties Cooperative, Ltd and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of .coop's technical environment.

Our founders

These progressive cooperative organizations provided support to help establish the .coop domain and they continue to work with dotCoop to provide valuable input as well continuing to promote the use of the .coop domain.

More .coop information

The Press Kit contains information about the formation of dotCoop and the launch of the .coop domain as well as detailed information about cooperatives and their role in the global economy. 

The .Coop Media area contains articles and items that may be useful in understanding the value of .coop to cooperatives.

Press Kit

Here is some documents that you will find useful

pdfdotCoop Overview
An overview of dotCoop
Last updated : 6/18/2008
pdfFact Sheet
Last updated : 6/16/2008
pdfSponsor Contacts
Sponsor Contacts
Last updated : 6/16/2008
pdfWhat are cooperatives
What are cooperatives
Last updated : 6/16/2008

.coop Media

pdf.coop Launches
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